The travel marketplace is a global arena where millions of buyers and sellers work together to exchange travel services via a myriad of channels.

To exchange these services an effective and reliable process and platform must be established and then integrated.

Our XML Solutions provide the ability to deliver access to travel distribution channels which integrate easily into your online applications.

XML Travel Products Inventory Integration

XML Integration is when you website is sourcing travel products from third party suppliers. The inegration is seamless and your website visitors will not be aware who they are booking with untill the booking is completed.

XML Travel Products Inventory Distribution

It's supplier's dream to access sales channels in such a simple way. XML Distribution is when your products are sold to other travel agents and their websites.

We can distribute your product inventory to most of UK's top agents as well as over 1800 small independent agents across the globe.

XML GDS Flights Website Integration Services

We specialise in XML Integration of existing web technologies to the main GDS systems.

We deliver robust "Black Box" XML solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your existing setup.

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XML Travel Products Integration & Distribution Services