TDS Mobile Travel App Software Development for iPhone & Androids
Out latest software development is the TDS Mobile Travel App that allows you to book Flights, Hotels and Holidays directly from your mobile phone from anywhere to anywhere in the

The Mobile App is available for all main smartphones for example Apple
iPhone, Androids and Blackberry.

For agents and operators alike, this App can can be configured and branded
to suit your company's requirements. If you are an agent or an operator, it
can be made to show your own inventory or third party.

The App allows live bookings for:

> Flights

> Accommodation

> Transfers

> Holidays

Unlike many other Apps, the TDS Mobile App allows live, real-time flights, accommodation or holidays to be booked from within the app, securely, without jumping out to external websites.

Please take a look at the video of the TDS Mobile Travel App below

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